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Child Support Lawyers in Cherry Hill

At Forkin, McShane, Manos & Rotz, P.A., we are sympathetic to the needs of children involved in a divorce. Our team of child support attorneys in Cherry Hill realizes that it is the responsibility of both parents to provide adequate care for their children and are committed to ensuring that no child is left wanting due to a divorce, separation or paternity dispute.

Consequences of not paying child support

The State of New Jersey takes overdue child support payments, or arrearages, very seriously. New regulations and penalties are continually being crafted to prevent parents from evading payment of child support.

Multiple arrearages can result in:

  • Garnishing of wages
  • Liens on real estate holdings
  • Seized bank accounts, tax refunds, and lottery winnings
  • Suspension of professional licenses, driver’s license, and passport
  • Arrest and detention in county jail

Our dedicated Cherry Hill divorce attorneys take nonpayment of child support equally seriously, and will work tirelessly to ensure that your children receive the support they need.

New Jersey has child support guidelines. The major variables are the amount of time (overnights) spent with the child, the gross income or earning capacity of each parent, medical insurance and day care which are shared expenses under the guidelines. There may be grounds for variation from the guidelines in a particular case based upon a child’s special needs. Furthermore, for income in excess of $3,600.00 per week net of tax ($187,200.00 per year net of tax), other factors apply.

Factors affecting the amount of child support

Knowledgeable Cherry Hill child support lawyers can explain to you that parents often reach child support agreements outside the courtroom. However, the court is still required to review the agreement and determine whether the amount paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent is equitable and sufficient to provide for the needs of the child.

In addition to food, housing, and education, the following factors are considered:

  • Child age: Adolescents typically have larger expenses than preschoolers and infants.
  • Child health: Disabled and infirmed children typically require additional support.
  • Parent income & earning capacity: The custodial parent, the non-custodial parent and the new spouse of either party are considered.
  • Pre-existing child support agreements: The amount of support awarded can be affected when a parent is already paying support for the children of a previous marriage.

The law firm of Forkin, McShane, Manos & Rotz, P.A. recognizes that few issues cause as much stress as those involving child support and custody. We are ready to stand by your side at every stage of your divorce.

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Our child custody lawyers in Cherry Hill understand that parents want to provide their child with the means to live a healthy life. Since 1972, the lawyers at Forkin, McShane, Manos & Rotz, P.A. have provided parents with the guidance and perspective necessary to negotiate fair and equitable child support agreements. To speak to one of our highly respected lawyers, contact us online or by phone at 856.779.8500.

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