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Child custody and visitation are the most hotly contested issues in a divorce proceeding. At Forkin, McShane, Manos & Rotz, P.A., we understand the complexity involved in creating a shared parenting time arrangement and every parent’s need to ensure a happy and stable home life for his or her child. Our child custody attorneys in Cherry Hill realize that providing suitable care for your child after a divorce means more than just securing monetary support.

Types of child custody

Though a variety of arrangements can be tailored to the individual needs of parent and child, below are the two general categories of child custody, referred to in New Jersey law as shared parenting arrangements:

  • Legal: Legal custody refers to a parent’s ability to make key child-rearing decisions on issues like medical care, education and religion.
  • Physical: Physical custody refers to the parent whose household is where the child resides.

Sole & joint custody arrangements

The rights and responsibilities associated with both legal and physical custody, referred to under New Jersey law as shared parenting arrangements, need not be awarded to one parent, an arrangement referred to as sole custody. Often courts will impose a joint custody decision where the physical and/or legal responsibilities are shared between parents. Our Cherry Hill divorce attorneys have over 95 years of combined experience in crafting custody arrangements suited to your specific needs.


Understanding the rules and regulations surrounding any aspect of a divorce can be confusing. As a result, you should speak with Cherry Hill alimony lawyers as soon as possible. Whether you enter into a sole custody arrangement or into a joint custody arrangement where one parent is deemed the primary caretaker, visitation rights are often awarded to the non-custodial parent. Under New Jersey law, parents are often referenced not as custodians but as the parent of primary residence (PPR) or the parent of alternate residence (PAR). Parents are encouraged to focus first on the children’s best interest and how to share their time before focusing on labels.

Visitation agreements fall into two main categories:

  • Reasonable Visitation: Parents are given the flexibility to arrange a visitation schedule of time and place themselves. This is reserved for spouses who part on reasonably amicable terms.
  • Fixed Visitation: The court arranges a specific schedule of time and place. The court imposes this arrangement when the relationship between parents is deemed hostile.

Though granting visitation rights to a non-custodial parent is common, these rights are never guaranteed, particularly for parents deemed unfit. The following factors contribute to the denial or revocation of visitation rights:

  • Drug and/or alcohol dependence
  • Charges of child abuse or neglect
  • Relationship with a new partner deemed unfit

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As child support lawyers in Cherry Hill, we at Forkin, McShane, Manos & Rotz, P.A. understand that a safe and healthy home is a necessity for every child. To speak to one of our highly respected lawyers, contact us online or by phone at 856.779.8500.

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