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At Forkin, McShane, Manos & Rotz, P.A., we understand that divorce can be both emotionally and financially trying. Many families throughout Southern New Jersey are already struggling in today’s harsh economic climate, and we believe that divorce need not add to the financial distress of either party. Our experienced spousal support attorneys in Cherry Hill are dedicated to protecting you from any unjust economic consequences resulting from divorce or separation.

Types of spousal support

Spousal support and alimony are terms that cover a broad range of payment arrangements that can be made between former spouses after the dissolution of a marriage and are divided into the four general categories listed below:

  • Rehabilitative: Usually short term to permit a spouse to train/re-train for employment.
  • Reimbursement: Compensation awarded to a former spouse who spent non-marital funds or made some financial sacrifice during the course of the marriage that directly benefited the other party (payment of a spouse’s tuition or investment in a spouse’s business).
  • Term: Recurring support payments made over a fixed number of years.
  • Permanent or indefinite term alimony: Recurring support payments made until the death or remarriage of a former spouse, or until circumstances change in which event the amount, if any, of alimony is subject to change or termination.

In all divorce proceedings, children need to be the primary concern. Our knowledgeable child custody lawyers in Cherry Hill can guide you in determining which support arrangement is best.

Factors affecting spousal support

Cherry Hill divorce attorneys can explain to you that awarding alimony to a former spouse is common in divorce proceedings, but it is never guaranteed as a part of a settlement.

Before the court approves a request for spousal support the following factors are considered:

  • Needs of the parties in accordance with the standard of living established during the marriage
  • The relative income and earning capacity of each party
  • The length of marriage or civil union
  • The age and health of each party
  • Number of children and whether careers were deferred to make contribution to the marriage as homemaker or raising children
  • A number of other factors that can be explained by our knowledgeable attorneys

Benefits of a focused spousal support lawyer

We realize that divorce can be complex and stressful for both parties. As time passes and circumstances change, parties may request that alimony settlements be modified or eliminated. Our team of child support lawyers in Cherry Hill at Forkin, McShane, Manos & Rotz, P.A. utilize their 95 years of combined family law experience to secure the spousal support that you deserve.

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Compassionate and experienced, the lawyers at Forkin, McShane, Manos & Rotz, P.A. are here to assist you with every aspect of your divorce case. To speak to one of our highly respected lawyers, contact us online or by phone at 856.779.8500.

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